Aerobic Pictures - How Effective It Is!

Published: 06th January 2010
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I know people are generally skeptical about the motivational pictures. Everyone has seen and got fed up with that tripe posted on the partition walls of their cubicles - strangely impossible to conquer a mountain against the canvas of a magnificent sunset, with some stupid title "persistence" or "excellence" hereunder, or any poor kitten cutie struggling to keep the edge of a table with their baby claws, beneath which is inscribed, invariably in corresponding bubbly cutesy letters, "hang on".

Hey, you do not believe me when I tell you this. If I were a listener as you probably do not believe in it either. However, I want to tell you this simple, yet rarely acknowledged that does not inspire people as much as aerobic pictures to get fit and in shape.

It is considered a sign of refinement very low, even to put something up, much less to confess to being motivated by them - unless you're a middle manager, in which case low refinement is considered more a virtue than a vice. However, at least in the case of aerobic pictures, it's true. The photograph on the right can really give people that extra push and get them moving.

Well, I think I'm exaggerating. No, not really. Seeing people sweating every day I can tell the gleam of sweat in the glow of confidence. What I see here is undoubtedly a reflection of confidence. You see those pictures aerobics and standing straight, work harder, and I think, go home feeling much better about them. Even aerobics classes seem to go better once the images are present.

I should know. It has given me plenty of time to observe people in their workouts, and the differences that make aerobic images are striking. Before pasting, many people seemed to be only painfully dragging with your workouts, without hope of achieving fitness goals. Since aerobic put the photos, however, things have taken a dramatic turn. It's like everyone's moral aerobic photos of the lift that makes them practically shine with confidence.

After seeing this effect on people, even I have for my other motivational posters and put the aerobic pictures around my cubicle in the gym. Even when I'm not doing any exercise, pictures of fit, trim people doing their aerobic exercise seems to tell me I should do a little more effort in whatever tasks I am in charge now. There are many types of decorations are more beautiful, more exciting and appealing than aerobic pictures, but I have yet to find one that has a more positive influence on the work ethic. Not that most crucial of all?

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