Marvelous and wonderful Bohol beaches

Published: 30th July 2009
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There are numerous fantastic and wonderful Bohol beaches waiting to be explored by travelers in an island famous pro lone of the Philippine's natural wonder, the Chocolate Hills. Apart from the historical seats and heritage visiting the attractions destinations in Bohol, the island consists of several beaches with the intention of offer a heavenly vacation of a beach adventure.

Bohol is rich with a digit of beaches with approximately yet to be urban and being patronized single by the locals. There are approximately Bohol beaches commercially urban and be converted into famous pro the diving sites nearby.

Below are approximately of the famous beaches in Bohol.

The Alona Beach

The generally accepted and generally visited Bohol beaches the Alona beach. It is lone of the generally urban beaches in the island of Bohol and it is located along the southwest of Panglao. The beach is in this area lone kilometer beach stretch lined with numerous beach and dive resorts to accommodate the extensive digit of tourists visiting the area. Divers like to produce Aloha beach a visit with its location closer to several standard dive sites in Bohol.

There are numerous restaurants too with the intention of cater to provide various dishes to vacationers and all Alona beach resorts be inflicted with their own restaurant gift. On particular seasons it is noticeable the generous facts of sea urchins inhabiting the fill up. They appear in this area 20 to 30 meters away from the coastline with the intention of warrants notification to the swimmers.

One natural beauty of Alona beach is its abundant coral reef family embedded underneath its pristine waters solely in this area a hundred measuring device rancid the beach. The coral life is visible solely linking 3 to 5 meters deep, a exact beauty to watch even lacking scuba diving gears. Many scuba divers rather to visit these areas of coral homes previous to vacant to other dive sites in Alona.

Bolod Beach

Along the southern Bohol is the Bolod Beach, which has the leading beach of lone and a semi kilometer. Visitors can rent a hut pro single Php 150 right through the time. There is an bonus charge of Php 30 as you opt to aid its thrilling outlet pro telephone system or CDs. It is a broadcast beach and a ordinary getaway place pro families.

There are furthermore tents pro an overnight stay by Php 350 a night with the intention of can accommodate two personnel single. Visitors can aid of the tables unfilled under the tree shades or virtually the fill up. A broadcast charcoal pit is unfilled everywhere somebody can question a barbeque or cook foods.

There are two notable beach clubs by Bolod Beach namely the Blue Sky Sea Resort and Dumaluan Beach Resort. About 10 minutes from the beach is a famous BBC dive locate.

Bagobo Beach

This beach has fine white sands and tall coconut trees lining the beach shores. It has a crystal apparent fill up instructive a fantastic undersea beauty with the intention of captivates divers and snorkelers to keep appearance back. By terms of recognition to its beauty, more travelers and divers visit the area and this bring two hotels to commence in the beach namely the Bagobo Beach Resort and Amarela Resort.

Near the beach is famous dive locate, the Arco Point everywhere here are caves packed with various species of fish such as white eyed moray, Raggy Scorpion, butterfly, frog, and angel fish.

Danao Beach

The azure fill up and abundant marine life in Danao beach captivate many tourists and divers alike. The beach advance recognition pro its natural undersea beauty with the intention of many tourists take up again to drop the beach constantly. This brings a digit of resorts to run on the area in order to provide a comfortable stay amongst the beach guests.

Some notable resorts in Danao Beach are Bita-ug Beach Resort, Bohol Sea Resort, Alumbung Resort, and Kalipayan Beach Resort. They offer quality facilities and accommodation to roving guests in this area.

There are furthermore diving a skin condition close to the beach and lone is the Kalipayan dive consisting of a wall dive. One can discover Barracuda, Comet, Ghost Pipefish, Titan Triggerfish and Blue-finned fish.

Bohol tourists take pleasure in a sparkling beach fill up experience and diving adventure with a memorable Bohol beaches vacation.

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